Thursday, April 24, 2008

Molly & James | Wedding

What a beautiful weekend! This was one of those situations where everything came together: gorgeous weather, a lakeside ceremony, two wonderful people surrounded by people who love them... That it was the wedding of one of my best friends made it all the better. I can't thank James and Molly enough for allowing me to document their wedding day.

on the docks out at Sneaky Pete's on Lake Lewisville:

Molly's eyes are deadly. Beware:

mother of the groom:

mother of the bride (wonder where Molly got those eyes?):

the bubbly:

Mr. & Mrs. Mann and Mr. & Mrs. Mann:

this will make a nice double-page spread in their album:

hells yeah:

Molly and her father. I really like their serene expressions:

Molly's brother and father:

Diana caught the bouquet! I guess it worked because I'm shooting her wedding tomorrow!

exiting the ceremony:

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