Thursday, November 29, 2007


I've been burning my proverbial candle at both ends and will be glad to see a little rest and time off when I can.

It's the little things - I miss reading as much as I'd like to (I've got a pile on my must-read list) and it'd be nice to get back into an exercise routine. And salsa! It's been a good while since I've danced and I'm missing my friends.

When will I find the time to breathe, think, and do? "Soon," says the little, optimistic voice of self-motivation in my head. I'm pretty drained right now but the weirdest part is that it doesn't feel like I'm working. Reminds me of a Richard Bach quote I ran across:

"The more I want to get done, the less I call it work."

I guess I get it.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


I like turkey. I like beef more. I prefer a grilled ribeye to most other foods on earth.

Behold, my first (and probably not my last) 'ribeye and dressing' dinner.

...besides, you can't eat turkey rare.

Kelly & Matt | Engagement

I love this job.

I get to play with fancy photo equipment, immerse myself into the one thing that I'm most passionate about, and most importantly, I get a chance to interact (goof off) with some of the coolest couples on earth. My idea of heaven.

Kelly and Matt definitely fall into the cool couple category. The weather was great and we just roamed around the campus of UNT for the afternoon.

these guys are UNT alums and true fans. Matt scored access to Fouts Field:

Matt's turn...the guy's pretty funny:

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Turkey Day 'Top 5'

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

This has to be one of my favorite holidays on the calendar...a short list of why:

5. It's one of the few days of the year I consume cranberry products that aren't in the form of juice.

4. Spending time with the fam (I vow to myself this will be the last Thanksgiving I spend away from my family)

3. Cowboys/Lions - an NFL tradition

2. The 'A Christmas Story' marathon - do they still do that?

1. My mother's incredible dressing...and everything else.

honorable mention: tryptophan

Enjoy the holiday!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Jasmine's 1st

Nov. 16 marks my niece's 1st birthday. She's growing up so fast. My sis sent this pic from her party:

my girls:

cool fact: Jasmine shares her birthday with my older brother! Happy birthday to 'Meathead', too!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Three random (very) questions...

  1. How did I ever make it without a Palm Treo?
  2. How 'bout them Cowboys?
  3. What's the hold up?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

a Flickr find...

blog-worthy, I'd say. Love it.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Gigi & Billy | Engagement

We had a great time doing this one! We shot the entire session at Meritt Bois 'd arc Buffalo Ranch, which is also the location they've chosen for the ceremony. I'm sure they'll have a beautiful wedding day there.

Gigi and Billy have a really cool, funky energy that made them really easy to photograph. Hopefully we'll get to work together in the future! I had a ball:

my favorite from their session:

another Lathon Photography signature sunset portrait:

the reception hall at the ranch has a huge bar. we couldn't resist:

the gang - Gigi, Billy, their stylist (she got shanghaied into holding my lights, too!), and yours truly:

Monday, November 5, 2007

Houston - the city that doesn't know it never sleeps.

I'm back from a very enjoyable weekend I spent hanging out with my good friend Emily down in Houston. To say I had a great time would be a huge understatement.

  • capoeira, baby
  • dancing with my long lost salsa buddies, Tracie, Kristle, and Emily
  • Dynamo vs. FC Dallas (kickin' it with the Texian Army is no joke)
  • new friends
  • old friends
a few shots from around the city -

Sam Houston directing pigeons:

I love the vibe I get from Spanish moss:

Emily's penchant for all things Brasileiro led us to a capoeira batizado on Saturday night. I'd been familiar with the concept of capoeira for a while but seeing it live for the first time was incredible for me. The history and tradition involved is what I find to be most's definitely worth checking out.

berimbau, atabaque, pandeiro:

capoeiristas from Capoeira Luanda:

the little guys jumped in the roda, too:

these people are amazing at what they do:

I gotta get to Brazil.