Monday, November 5, 2007

Houston - the city that doesn't know it never sleeps.

I'm back from a very enjoyable weekend I spent hanging out with my good friend Emily down in Houston. To say I had a great time would be a huge understatement.

  • capoeira, baby
  • dancing with my long lost salsa buddies, Tracie, Kristle, and Emily
  • Dynamo vs. FC Dallas (kickin' it with the Texian Army is no joke)
  • new friends
  • old friends
a few shots from around the city -

Sam Houston directing pigeons:

I love the vibe I get from Spanish moss:

Emily's penchant for all things Brasileiro led us to a capoeira batizado on Saturday night. I'd been familiar with the concept of capoeira for a while but seeing it live for the first time was incredible for me. The history and tradition involved is what I find to be most's definitely worth checking out.

berimbau, atabaque, pandeiro:

capoeiristas from Capoeira Luanda:

the little guys jumped in the roda, too:

these people are amazing at what they do:

I gotta get to Brazil.


Mike said...

Capoeira is kinda bullshit as a martial art, but, given it's direct application into dancing, it is much more useful than anything I can think of. Next time you come to H-town, give me a call, course we'll have to figure out a way to exchange numbers.

Emily said...

You make me happy! I loved the pictures! You do gotta get to Brasil, but first you gotta get to Houston again. And soon.

Steve said...

Please elaborate on the capoeira. Mike: it functions more of an art and dance than for street fighting. I wouldn't call it bullshit. I think it's beautiful. However, put them against an MMA or the Gracie family of BJJ fame and they'll get their assess whipped.

Tre Lathon said...

I'm not so sure. In fact while watching them play I remember thinking, "Wow. I'd bet these guys could kick anyone's ass." I guess it's all perspective.