Sunday, April 13, 2008

I've seen the light

An old friend of mine, her mother, father, grandmother and I got together at their home for a quick portrait session not too long ago. I did the shoot, which lasted about 30 mins, packed my gear in about 3 minutes, then hit the road, pleased at the portability of the set-ups I'm currently using.

You see, I used to lug around my big studio lights and softboxes because for a light nerd like me there's nothing more coveted than the light from a huge softbox...but they're hell to drag around! For now, as I work nearly 100% on-location, I'll stick to my Strobist-inspired set-ups.

Two light set-up. One strobe shot through an umbrella. One bare, camera right:

Single shoot-through:

the light from the 43" shoot-through is soft, but I'm thinking for even better softbox-quality lighting (portable is the key here) I'll pick up a Photek Softlighter or two:

I've got a portrait special running through May 31st! For more info email me at info(at)lathonphotography(dot)com!

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