Sunday, May 3, 2009

Beware - a blog post!

Wow...neglect is the only word I can use to describe the way I've been treating my poor, poor, barren weblog. Forgive me!

I've got much to catch up on. Lots of wedding and portrait posts coming in the following days and weeks; some plans for the future; rants, raves, and everything in between.

For now:

  • My brother has recently gained enough strength to leave the hospital! Things still aren't the best but Rome wasn't built in a day. He's a strong dude!
  • Correspondingly, I'm thinking of training for a cycling century or two with this as the goal.
  • Filming for The Perfect Picture Show, a reality show for which I'll be a judge, begins in just a few weeks! Check it out
  • Swine Flu Circus = A fear monger's knowledge that people aren't truly happy unless they are absolutely hysterical! Ironically, I'd been reading bits and pieces of The Culture of Fear shortly before this craziness began. Where is this hysteria every year when seasonal influenza outbreaks kill 40,000? Sure, I'm not immune...but I'm really just not that worried.
  • I love Pictage!!!
  • My brides are still cooler than your brides!


Katie said...

yay! you are back! hope everything is good. i'll be thinking of your brother :)

also- this is funny- the word verification that i am about to type is "underwang" hahahaha

cbrat said...

I'm Glad you are still alive... I misses you and your antics, so when you get the chance we need to hang out! I am starting to show and I know you would love to tease me about that.

jonnydonut said...

One of my brides got the flu and still lived. Beat that!