Saturday, March 7, 2009

Israel & Annamarie | Wedding

I can't say enough about the tremendous time I had with these guys while shooting their Hawaiian wedding. What a beautiful place for a ceremony! Anna and Israel are the best!

I've had hell trying to pare down to just a few favorites, so I just kept adding images to this post until the little voice of impending excess said 'okie doke'.

Needless to say, I was excited to shoot come wedding day...and knowing that we had a day-after shoot planned made me salivate all the more. This was also reassuring, as things backed up a bit during the wedding day and with the time constraints we were only given 20 minutes (!!!) to do the formals and other portraits after the ceremony. That has to be a record for me. Cool...we'd have plenty of time the day-after to get creatively crazy...

Unless Israel slips and seriously fractures his leg! Poor guy...ended up with plates, screws, the works.

bouquet, bouquet, and bouquet:

Coolest kid I've ever met. He had me in stitches all week :

A hug from her father as he gives her away:

Words cannot express such beauty:

I can't thank you enough, guys!


Carolina Cunha said...

So beautiful! I love it!
Congratulations! See all this romance make me feel good!

Israel Saavedra said...

I am thrilled with what you have done sir! It looks amazing and thanks for letting the world know I broke my leg. On a serious note.

Thank you for helping us create the most precious memories that we could ever have.

You are an inspiration Mr. Lathon and congratulations on your success!!

Katie said...

I miss tre posts! where'd you go?