Saturday, September 8, 2007

very late Labor Day post...

Labor Day was a good one this year. Determined not to waste the entire weekend, Maureen, Ginny, and I decided to head to Turner Falls to do a little camping. And I'm so glad we did! It's amazing how easy you're able to forget about all the pressures of the world when you're detached from it, even in the smallest way.

Turner Falls was beautiful. The weather was beautiful. We had a great time.

Oh, yeah. I was nearly attacked (much to the amusement of the ladies) by a raccoon. Almost forgot. Apparently they're pretty used to humans (and all the food they bring) being around and aren't as skittish as I would have thought. In fact, one walked right up to me as I sat talking to Maureen near the campfire.These things are some sneaky bastards. And I've seen enough "When Animals Attack" videos to know that even the cutest, cuddliest animals can make you look like a fool.

I did.

here's the campsite...nice and secluded. also a haven for crazy raccoons.

a little poker to pass the time.

I can't bluff like I used to.

I belong to a small minority of people who are obsessive enough to drag a light stand and umbrella into the woods.

I think it's worth the trouble.


underexposed the ambient light by about 2 stops.

a horseback tour guide set up shop near our campsite, so I stole a few images of her horses. She told me that they'd seen a few mountain lions near the park this summer...then she laughed at me when I told her about our 'visitor'.

just before we were "attacked". I placed a flash in the tent to light that baby up.

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