Thursday, July 26, 2007

Inner City All-Stars

I love shooting for these guys. They're Dallas' premier New Orleans style brass band. Funk. Jazz. You name it, they do it...well. They recently asked me shoot some photos of them recording in-studio:

Calvin Sexton - bandleader/trombonist. This guy brings a lot of intensity.

Teriver - Guitarist

Hiroki - Drums

Scott - saxophonist (you've seen Scott here), and Eric Delegard's Grammy he received for his work with Brave Combo.

Brad - Trumpeter

Calvin's chops

Dave - Tuba/Sousa

If you haven't seen them live, do yourself the favor. They put on a show. See them. They've been nominated "Best Jazz Band" for the 2007 Dallas Observer Awards. Vote for them here.

Here's a video compilation of some of their shows. The still photos are shots I've taken at a few gigs: