Friday, June 22, 2007

Thinking for a Change

Learning to consistently cultivate creative thoughts has become a very important issue for me,
as someone who's launching a career in the creative sphere. Lately I've been nearly obsessed with seeking out the things that spur my creativity - helping me think forward. Not only with photography but in business decisions, personal relationships, name it.

I recently picked up Thinking for a Change,by John C. Maxwell, and have been impressed. I'm normally not drawn to the whole motivational genre but this book is not anywhere near the level of corniness that I've grown to expect from motivational authors.

In fact, after reading the chapter entitled 'Discover the Joy of Creative Thinking', I nearly filled one of my little Moleskine notebooks (i love these things) with some fresh lighting ideas, marketing, sketches...

So I think I may have to settle on one of two conclusions:

1. I'm actually becoming so corny that I can no longer detect the corniness of others.


2. The book actually does it's job. Whether the practices outlined in it are the real deal or not, if I'm motivated/inspired after reading it I got my money's worth.

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Steve said...

Those moleskines are nifty looking.