Sunday, November 23, 2008

Storage: The Never-Ending Quest

Project: I'm thinking of building/buying a RAID.

Problem: I have NO clue what I'm doing!

Any suggestions out there? My main concerns are discerning which level of RAID will work best for me. I'm thinking mirrored. I'm also concerned with speed. I shoot JPEG primarily so 2-3 TBs will probably do me just fine for now.

Any ideas, my techie friends?


Neha Pandit said...

I have a question. :( What is a RAID??

Nick said...

Give me or Kilgore a call bro.

jonnydonut said...

i've delt with this problem. every photog does. I get a 500GB-TB every year. And put all my RAWs from 2008 on the 2008 drive and all my JPGs on the 2007 drive along with my 2007 RAWs. Just in case of corruption or other failure, it's nerve recking to put everything on one unit.

Then I have one drive that keep my extensive portfolio on. I used to keep it off location, (in case of a natural disaster, flood, tornado, etc. Now I keep in a fireproof/waterproof safe at my place.

Anonymous said...

Would depend on 2 things:

It's competing objectives. You have to decide how much money you want to spend and that will determine how much storage/redundancy you can buy. Give me a call - if you don't have my # just email me - johnikilgore at gmail dot come


John Kilgore said...

Disk redundancy is one thing, site redundancy is another. Depending on how serious you are about having a secure disaster recovery plan means sending you data offsite incrementally - like... to your Mom's house on an external drive.

Tre Lathon said...

Neha: Why don't we hang out anymore? We need to hit the salsa floor!

Jonny: Thanks for the pointers.

Kil: I've already got off-site backups going. I'm mostly concerned with my storage here. I'll drop you a like sometime. Thanks!

John Kilgore said...
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John Kilgore said...

if you're not already using it. Unlimited space for $4.95 a month. You best get it.

By the way, I'm always willing to trade techie advice for some stills of my kid ;)

Adam said...

One word. Drobo. The initial expense is high, but you can swap out drives on the fly and increase the capacity of the device. I have been yearning for one of these for a while.