Wednesday, May 21, 2008

obligatory hump day post III

1. Why??? Maybe it's just a bad dream.

2. Did you know Exxon Mobil made $1300 per second in 2007? Sickening...

3. The Spurs, once again, have nullified any and all enjoyment that I may have experienced during the '08 NBA playoffs. Really, do they have to be in the mix every season? Boooo Spurs.

*game 1 update*

I'm smiling...for now.

*game 2 update*

The smile is almost permanent.


Steve said...

I read a term attached to the Spurs: feminine flopping. Luckily for us, it looks like the NBA's most favorite boring "dynasty" if there ever wasn't one has run into a Shaq-less Laker team that may be better than the Shaq-full teams of ol' and will not tolerate a Duncan ron-de-jon under the basket.

Detroit just scored their second goal here in the beginning of the 3rd period, Stanley Cup. These Penguins are in over their head.

The 1st period of Dallas-San Jose series game 6 was the best 20 minutes I've ever seen, with the 3rd period of the same game coming a close 3rd. The middle period was somewhere on the sports ranks between the Atlanta Hawks in the NBA post-season and off-season stadium thread.

Steve said...
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