Tuesday, October 23, 2007

James & Molly | Engagement

Let's face it. I'm a huge, over-eager nerd when it comes to great light. Most of my subjects know this, as embarrassing as it may be.

I'm also a sucker for engagement sessions. They're always a great time and they're a fun, relaxed way to get to know the couple...that makes a huge difference come wedding day.

Friday's session was even better because James and Molly are some of my best friends! James and I go way back, so I'm glad to see them as happy as they are!

got lucky with a little flare:

*the light nerd goes nuts*

I like this moment:

Can't wait to photograph Molly on their wedding day:

sexy light, once again:

James and Molly, sitting in a tree...

we started to run out of light so I brought out the umbrella...I love using it when I can.


Casandra F said...

I like how you used the lighting in the back-drop. My favorite has to be the two of them holding hands in the back ground, and in the fore-front is a 'green light'! Again... another GOOD JOB!!!

Jay said...

Tre your pics are incredible. I'm floored.

Great work, Brother.

Steve said...

damn good work, sir. BTW, I'm going to need another of your business cards. Can't find the other one you gave me :(

Tre Lathon said...

Thanks, Cassy and Jay. Steve, I'll hook you up next time we hang...make it soon, sir.

Nick said...

These are sick good man. And James is engaged!?

Mike said...

Damn Tre, you've gone and become one of those photographers I truely envy. Nice work.

cbrat said...

These are my favorite engagement photos by far...(Iguess I should be saying that about my own...oh well) I love em'!